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History is being written (and rewritten) through the stories shared today by people like you.

Whether your writing project is fiction, non-fiction, or something in between, it matters that the heart of your story is found—once that difficult work is done, the written word is a great place to creatively express what was learned for the benefit of readers.

Samwise Books exists for writers to start and finish any writing goal they can imagine. Some of these writers have realized how enjoyable it can be to work with a writing coach for a combination of guidance, accountability, and timely input to reach their writing goals.

Read on to learn what how it looks and feels to work with me or simply book time on my calendar for us to discuss your writing project.

If you're hear simply to look around, why not check out the Base Camp (for writing resources) or The Wild (deep dives from ongoing projects).

Adaptable Writing Coaching for Ordinary People with Extraordinary Stories

Writing coaching helps writers of all skill levels realize not only that they can write, but also helps them accomplish whatever writing objective they can imagine.

Writing is a unique task that often requires exploring perilous inner landscapes. Having a trusted companion gives the writer courage to make discoveries worth putting into words and learning how to let go of fears to then put those found stories onto the page for readers to encounter.

Working with companies like Scribe Media, I've learned from some of the best writers and editors in the business on full-length books from outlining to writing and editing through to publication. Combined with independent work during the last 9 years, I've worked with nearly 100 authors on various aspects of their writing projects.

But not everyone can afford comprehensive writing services nor wishes to follow a specified program.

Writing coaching differs from those professional services—even though this too is a professional service—in its adaptability to individual writer needs, especially as discoveries are made along the way, which is a natural occurrence if the writer is being supported and challenged appropriately by their coach.

A Writing Plan That Works For You and Your Project

Unlike some other writing and editing services, with Writing Coaching you’ll have my full and personal attention—you’re not alone—during our work together. You'll also have access if needed to trusted sources of editing, interior design, and cover design that go above and beyond my strongest skill sets, which are helping you locate your story, shape it, write it, and take your project from idea to publication.

Think of me as your Samwise Gamgee (with a few other merry hobbits at your service), whether to tend the garden or embark on a long journey on foot to the heart of Mordor—and back. No matter what, I will express love toward you and your work, seeking the highest good.

Your story is a chance to make a change, to make a difference, to make something right. Perhaps the best invitation I can offer is that by the end, you almost certainly won’t be the same as when you set out.

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door."

And that's why Frodo brought Sam, his trusted gardener, on the difficult but important journey.

I invite you to knock on my door today—I'm ready for adventure!

Let's find out together whether writing coaching is right for you and your project.

While you're here, I invited you to see a preview of the Base Camp (coming soon) and The Wild (coming soon)—these educational resources are available in full to anyone working with me as their writing coach.