This is what your book looks like in your mind's eye, in your imagination. - The view from Harris Saddle on the Routeburn Track,

The central, core philosophy of my approach to book coaching (writing coaching) is to develop your entire craft as a writer while helping you achieve your near and long term goals. The body, mind, and spirit will experience growth.

So long as you can imagine it, you can write a book.

And with that book, the opportunity to share experiences and wisdom with thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of readers.

Why coaching?

It's more effective to actualize what you imagine with a bit of accountability and support from a trusty sidekick.

Which helped these projects...

A sample of client books and two novels I've written.

Write any book you can imagine

Being a great writer (or even a good one) isn't a prerequisite to getting started.

A story, a willingness to learn, and a can-do attitude will serve you much better than any natural talent.

In the last 9 years, I've worked with over 100 authors on every stage of the book writing and publishing process.

And I look forward to helping many more. Maybe that means you.

Help yourself to a complimentary 30-minute video call and fill out this application form.

Then I'll send you a follow-up to start working toward your goals and the results that come with that work and commitment.

"Thank you so much for your support and all those honest, authentic conversations." - Ian
"I wouldn't be at this stage of the process without you." – Matt
"Thank you so much Erik! You were the first one backing me, and I couldn’t have a better introduction to this publishing process than you!" – Erin
With me, you won't get lost - Lost Dutchman State Park, United States, Liz van Mechelen collection

Getting started

Writing coaching currently includes:

  1. 5 pages of editing per week: Developmental, copyediting, and proofreading—seeing how I edit will lead to improving your craft as well as the ability to self-edit
  2. One 30-min conversation per week: Bring anything to discuss! Can do in person or over video call or phone.
  3. A weekly email: By listening to you, I will provide the support, encouragement, and tools you need at the right moments for measured accountability toward your goals. Email could have checkpoints on the writing plan we create in week 1 (if committing to at least a 3-month plan).

My current schedule limits me to about 5 writing coaching relationships at a time. This number may change as priorities shift or if a writing coaching client opts for a more rigorous engagement like collaborative book writing or detailed book editing. If I cannot serve you right now, you can join the waiting list and I will still offer guidance on how to prepare to work together should your time table be flexible.

Rewriting history

Maybe a book seems like too daunting a task right now.

But you still believe you have something to say, a story to share.

If that's you, I hope you don't let the scale of a book deter you from having a conversation with me.

The process of writing and learning to write well is rewarding for its own sake. For me, it is also a kind of meditative practice. Therefore I reserve time in my schedule for that practice.

But writing a book can do much more than that. It can get that story out of you and into readers hands before your time here on Earth is up. What you've learned could change the lives of many. If it is written, designed, marketed, and published effectively.

Finally, we are witnessing and participating in seismic shifts at the level of society. If what you've partaken in, undergone, or have a need to share about relates to these transformations, count me even more interested in having a chat.

When critical stories are brought to the forefront, a lasting peace on Earth might finally be realized.

Need more than a guide?

Do you need even more dedicated help with your writing project?

Let's talk.

Every relationship between each of you and me will differ based on what works best for both of us and the project. In other words, everything is adaptable to make the journey a success!

Want to learn on your own first?

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